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uPhotoRobot is a batch photo editor. With uPhotoRobot you can batch processing tons of photos in a simple way, batch
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2 September 2012

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Previously you must have gone to professional photo editors to help you get your photographs, or images edited. But with uPhotoRobot 1.1.0 you can get all your pictures edited all by yourself in just few steps. This ultimate photo editor will help you to get all your images come to live without any complex steps. It doesn’t include any complicated options just like other image editing applications that could create any difficulty in getting your image manipulation. The entire interface is exquisitely designed for novice computer users to do all kinds of altering and picture amendment processes very simply. uPhotoRobot also is a light software that gets installed easily and offers no problem during its execution.

uPhotoRobot is an affluent tool in terms of features that gives a fantastic image editing experience. If you got large number of images that needs similar types of editing, the batch functionality this tool embraces will enable you to edit all of them together in easiest of ways. This software application allows you to divide the process of batch in 4 steps. First select the photos you need to process, next you have to add operations, thirdly configure the output and finally start the process. It can perform the process of execution really fast giving you the enough time to do your job. It can also perform very smoothly if it is run in the background. The operations are arranged in pipe lines plus adjust the sequence of the files as per your priorities. You can rotate, resize, crop or add water marks to your photographs to make them personalized. It also lets you to convert the image file formats into other formats.

uPhotoRobot can be rated with a score of 3.5 on a scale of 5 because of its multiple editing features, easy usage and trilling processing speed.

Publisher's description

uPhotoRobot is a batch photo editor.
With uPhotoRobot you can batch processing tons of photos in a simple way.
uPhotoRobot divide batch processing task into four steps: select photos to be processed, add operations, configure output and start process.
Operations are organized as a pipeline. By configuring needed operations and adjust their sequence, you can resize, rotate, crop photos; Add watermark and timestamp to photos; Convert photo file formats and etc.
Key feature of uPhotoRobot:
(1) Quick
uPhotoRobot lets you select a group of photos, configure a series of operations, and apply them in a single click!
(2) Easy-to-use
Even if you have no previous experience in photo processing, you will find uPhotoRobot works the first time you try it.
(3) Flexible operation organization
Operations are organized as a pipeline. You can select your need operations, adjust their parameters and sequence.
(4) WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
You can preview the changes of each operation and the final result while you are configuring operations.
(5) Productivity
Operations and output settings can be saved and loaded as profiles to improve productivity. File list can also be loaded and saved.
Version 1.1
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